5 ways to escape innovation theater

What is ‘innovation theater’?

Why innovation theater is so dangerous

How to orchestrate your ‘great escape’ from innovation theater

1. Have lunch or coffee with someone from the operational business.

2. Let an R&D colleague explain an emerging technology to you.

  • How do you see [your-emerging-tech]? Are the claims that it can do [claim-of-emerging-tech] justified? Why? Why not?
  • Where in our business do you see applications of [your-emerging-tech]?
  • Who else in our organization would you suggest I talk to about [your-emerging-tech]?

3. Have a user story.

As a [role] I want to [capability], so that I can [benefit].

4. Build it.

5. Once a month, put everything you didn’t touch into the archive.



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