Tracking cross-industry machine learning applications

2 min readJan 22, 2020


Imagine you work in a technology company that operates across Electronics, Energy, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, and Robotics. Let’s say that you are interested in machine learning applications within and across these business units.

(We recently used this scenario in our description of Mergeflow Teams. Click here to read more about this.)

As you know, the speed and volume of R&D and business news from across all these topics is staggering. So if you want to track all of this, while spending no more than 5–10 minutes of your day on this, you need help.

How to stay in the know

We have built Weekly360s to help you stay in the know. Weekly360s are machine-generated email update reports that tell you what happened in your fields of interest over the course of the last week. Currently, our Weekly360s cover four areas: Venture Capital Fundings, Market News, R&D, and News & Blogs.

Here is an example of what an ‘R&D Weekly360’ on Machine Learning Applications would look like on your smartphone:

For each finding, the Weekly360 indicates the topics that match the finding.

Can I try this?

Yes. Our Weekly360s on Machine Learning Applications are available for free. You can sign up here:

Get free Weekly360s on Machine Learning Applications

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